August 12, 2007

Wednesday Evening Part 4

Wednesday Evening Journal:
Don't become so well adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without thinking. - Rom 12:1-2 (from The Message Version)
If the way you live isn't consistent with what you believe, than it's wrong. - Rom 14 (from The Message Version)

Today was yet another adventure. We were assigned to stay on campus today to do "house keeping." The other lady traveling with us got sick after breakfast and ended up resting in our room all day. Jim had to leave early to go with the other group leaders to a cafe meeting, so that left David and I doing most of the cleaning.
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Jim and David
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We worked well together, as David said "it's nice to work with someone who works hard," we both pulled equal weight. We decided to work through lunch and get off early, so we finished up at about 1 and headed out to McDonald's for lunch. We had kitchen duty at 3 and made dinner, goulash, something neither Jim, David, or I wanted to eat!! After the devo the three of us headed out to Kmart (the second trip of the week!) for shoes for Jim. We ended up having Sonic for dinner, the whole evening was quite an adventure! So much fun! Now we're back for another hot and sticky night! Tomorrow we are assigned street cleaning, I'm not looking forward to that job, but we have a short day tomorrow so it won't be too bad. We're going on an airboat tomorrow afternoon, I'm hoping to get to hold a baby gator!