September 30, 2007

The thing about Toilet Paper is ...

you never realize you need it until your in the middle of going to the bathroom, and usually this is not a huge deal because most people keep toilet paper close enough that you can just reach and grab some. But when your completely out of it, that's when it becomes a major issue. In the last several months I have let myself run out of toilet papers 3 times (not that I use an excessive amount, I just buy small packs because of storage) but this time was completely out of control. I actually bought toilet paper 2 weeks ago, but never brought it in from the car, and than it got buried under all the relay stuff that has yet to come out of my car. So I ran out of toilet paper 3 days ago, and finally remembered, last night, before I was in the process that I needed to go get it out of the car, completely out of control. But don't worry I had a box of tissue that came in handy! So alas I finally got the toilet paper, but I could only get one roll because it was so deep under the relay stuff, so now my goal is to clean the relay stuff out of my car before I run out of this roll and I've got to start the process all over again!