October 22, 2007

Things That Only Happen To Me

On Friday I was driving home, no wait perhaps it was Wednesday, yeah I think it was last Wednesday. I was driving in my lane and noticed something up ahead, but because of the way the cars were on either side of me there was no way to swerve and miss it, so I had to drive right over it. It was one of those yard work bag/clipping tie up things that professional yard people use. But when I came out the other side it did not, but I did notice small fibers of it flying out from behind me car for a while. So I'm thinking, crap, it's going to mess my car up. Eventually I pull over off an exit and get out to check and see where exactly it is suck on my car, I see and than have to go park to get under there and pull it off. Thank goodness by the time I parked and went to get it it had fallen at the last stop. It's just one of those "things that only happen to me!"

That experience however reminded me of a time when I was driving down to visit my step mom and while driving over the bridge a rouge plastic bag came at me and managed to wrap itself around my antenna, and apparently because of it's perfect balancing skill managed to stay evenly folded in half around my antenna flapping in the wind making the most annoying noise. Because I was too annoyed/stubborn, I refused to pull over, convinced that at some point it would fall off. I mean, seriously, what is the possibility that it could stay there for an extended period of time? Well it managed to stay there for over an hour until I was finally almost to Di's house, when I stopped at a red light, and it simply just slip off like nothing ever happened. One of those, "things that only happen to me!"


Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

i have three experiences that include, a box, milk jugs and a ladder!!!! so you're not the only one!

The Harris Family said...

Ok Haley,
I have to tell you something really funny. Jason and I are really new to Facebook, and Jason was messing around with MY account. He decided to be funny and throw a COSMO at you. As he was telling me what he was going to do, I said, "don't do it - that's a really provocative, sex-driven mag that my mom would never let me read!" Anyways, he looked at me really strange and serious and said "oh - I already threw it at her, and it's not the magazine, it's a drink!"

So that it why you got a COSMO thrown at you by someone who you thought was me, but was really Jason being silly...opps!

Hope your having a glorious day! Love you chica!