April 29, 2008

Balloon Lady

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to participate in a community event called Kids Day. It's a free event for all the children and their families in the Rancho Cordova community. The only cost is for the hotdog and drink which together are $1. On average there are between 1500 and 2000 people who come to the event. There were 40+ organizations and businesses represented; each was asked to provide some information and an activity for the kids. I was working with the CSUS Kids Zone; I've been working on this since the beginning of the semester for units. The day was a blast; the event went from 11-3, I was there from 8:30-3:45! For the CSUS Kids Zone, we did carnival games, and I spend the day making balloon animal creations. Now I've never done this before in my life but Kathy (my teacher) asked if I wanted to learn, so she showed me and a few others how to make a dog and then wandered off. It was tuns of fun but very painful on the fingers (I still have a bruise on one of my fingers). We ran out of the balloons we brought, ran out of the balloons we bough off a guy at the event and ran out of the balloons someone went out to buy. In the end we ran out of every single balloon we had. Adding to my list of talents, I can now make; dogs, cats, giraffes, fish, flowers, butterflies and hats out of balloons!


Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

okay, so yeah. . . wierd cuz the swirly goes one way but the bangs want to part the opposite, it's making for an interesting part, but helpful in keeping her bangs out of her face at the moment. i haven't even read your post yet. . . but i'm about to!!! yeah, it's good to have a little "grunt" around!!!! it used to be my sister, so i had to have a daughter to fill the void :)

Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

okay, now i've read it. . . so i'm wondering if you can make ladybugs? i know the spots might be kind of difficult to work out, but i'm sure you'll come up with something? or maybe grasshoppers? dragonflies? butterflies? any kind of bug will do really, you have time to work on it between now and the party :) you are so talented, can you pass it on when you come for a visit?