June 21, 2008

Mr Fancy Pants

On the subject of roosters, this is one of the fanciest roosters I've seen around town. Perhaps even ever. He was hiding in the bushes when we were looking at the "rooster gang" from the last post and suddenly he just leapt out; perhaps afraid that he would miss his photo op! Aside from the illusive "permed" rooster who I can only find when my camera is not around, he's the fanciest!


Mike & Lucy said...

You just have roosters walking all over your town??! Crazy!!
He does seem like a fancy pants! I like the name!

Timbra said...

for the sake of completeness i will also comment on this. . . . um, the "furry" chicken, or what is it? curly chicken? can you get HER photo please and post it here too!