June 1, 2008

Summer's First Paddle

Today was my first kayaking trip of the summer and it was exactly what I needed.  The past several months (yeah I said months) have been torture because I drive over the river every day and the weather has been so nice that it often made me wish I was out on it.  So today was a day long anticipated!

There was lots to see and much excitement on the river today!!  I went out with my good friend Joy who is actually the owner of the kayaks and her friend Teri; we had a blast.  
Today's happenings:
Joy and I went through our favorite rapid twice; which required us to carry our kayaks back up the river for the second run.
We encounter a few rafts tied together full of about 30+ girls thoroughly enjoying their topless trip down the river (sorry no pictures of this experience!)
We saw lots and lots of baby ducks and geese.
(be sure to click on these so you can fully see the babies)
We saw a few people releasing a duck back into the wild after raising it from a baby.
I saw a few turtles
I got stuck on a rock which ended in my flipping my kayak, scraping my leg from knee to hip, and a rather extended float in freezing cold water.
And of course the usual affair of kumarans, egrets and herring!

I'm sure there is more I'm forgetting!  I can't wait to get back out there and do it all again; well all except the leg scrapping perhaps!


Mike & Lucy said...

Oooh, I think I feel jealous. Though I've never kayaked before, it sounds too fun! Hope your leg isn't too sore from the fall. So do you have a waterproof camera that you take, or do you leave your camera on land? Just curious, that's all.
Hope you get to do it again soon!

Timbra said...

oh that lucy. . how did she get here first? anyway. . . this is the life sister and i'm missing it tremendously. one day we will move back to that area and then we will purchase kayaks and maybe we'll FINALLY have a garage to store them in :) thanks for sharing your adventure. see you in four days!

Timbra said...

i keep checking in to see if IT's here yet. . the ever anticipated post!!! I have now finally completed all of mine mapping out the entire week day by day. HA. . I thought I could do it all in one post and it took like five with tidbit posts in between. I got my flour maker and made rice flour tonight. it was quite the workout. but. . THEY DO EXIST!!!