July 2, 2008

Officially the Unofficial End or Unofficially the Official End

Today marked the end of yet another chapter in my life; it seems like more chapters are finishing up these past few weeks, what with graduation, my birthday and now the official end of the job that has carried me through my college days.  Today was "officially" my last day of nannying for the Polley family.  I keep using the word official because we've got tentative dates set through July with the understanding that if I get another job I won't work those days.  It didn't really hit me much during the day because we're all headed out on vacation together tomorrow and the Saturday after I get back I'm already scheduled to watch the kids, but sitting at home tonight I'm feeling a little sad in a good way.  

With each chapter ending these past few weeks there's a new one beginning, but sometimes it's hard to close the book.

I started watching the kids when Aden was just over two months old and now he's 5 years old and almost a month.  And of course in that time Lauren came along; I watched her alone for the first time when she was just two weeks and now she's 2 years and almost 5 months old.  All I can say is time flies.

Sadly because of my hard drive crash last week I don't have much on my computer; but I did download these few pictures from my camera, so I can't do any then and now pictures, but I've got a now picture.  

Someone must have done something right along the way because these awesome kids made some good decisions about what they wanted to do with their life; some fine choices if I do say so myself!!  Let's see what we've got. . . 
A Policeman
 No how about a Piano Playing Pirate (let me think about this one)
 No wait A Fireman sounds good
And of course who doesn't want to be like their big brother!?!
Another Pirate in the family sounds about right!


Kara Lane said...

Congrats. I hope that you are able to find a great new job soon.

Timbra said...

hey sister. . . a job well done . . . good thing these kids are family so you won't miss out on seeing them grow from here on out!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hay!

I know you have done an awesome job nannying. Not only were you blessed with these 2 little ones but they were blessed to have you. It is a good thing they are family so you will still be seeing them probably just not as much.

Some chapters of our lifes are hard to end, but as you said a new one will be opened for you and knowing the chapters you have had in your life most of them have been great.

Good Luck on job hunting!

Happy 4th, Love Vernice