July 15, 2008

Oh Canada, Oh Canada

So because of a slight picture mix up, I'll be posting about the last part of my trip first and the first part of my trip last!  Last week while up in WA visiting my parents, my mom and I took a short over nighter to Canada to stay at a house a friend of mine (Joy) had rented for 3 weeks.  

We were up bright and early Monday morning and on our adventure by 5:30 am.  It was a short 1 hour 45 minute car ride,a short wait of an 1 hour, a short 1.5 hour ferry ride and then another short 1 hour car ride to make it to the house, but we arrived with bells on!  When we got there we spent some time visiting with Joy, her husband Rich and her mom Helen, and after a few hours the girls headed into town for a tasty lunch at a little places called Mom's!

We mostly spend the day relaxing, Joy and I walked down to the water where I got to see jelly's swimming by, and I later taught her how to play canasta while my mom took a nap.  Because it stays light so late up there, we were able to take a walk through this forest and to the beach after dinner at about 8.  We lucked out because while were were on this little scluded beach we spent probably about a half hour wathing 2 eagles flying around. . . simply amazing.

Tuesday we woke up to homemade scones (made by Rich) and enjoyed a slow morning.  For those familiar with a Sunset Magazine, there was an article in the past issue that featured the 10 best kept secret beaches on the west coast.  #9 happened to be a beach in Sooke Canada of all places, so we decided to check it out.  The secret path to the beach was just as amazing as the beach itself.  Once we arrived at the beach, there was no one there, and it was the type of beach that you could walk forever on; my favorite kind.  After some more beach exploring we had a nice relaxing lunch and then headed back to Bainbridge (the reverse trek from before, but with a 1.5 hour wait at the ferry terminal!).

It was a long journey, but it was a very fun and relaxing "quick" get away!!


Timbra said...

i totally want to go to that beach. . .looks beautiful! this is the first view i've gotten of mom's shorter do. .
awaiting the next installment of the first part of the trip (which really, that's a better order anyway, then i can start reading from the top of the blog down to get the whole story)