December 12, 2008

Project 680

Project 680 is a sock drive put on by a local group to collect socks for the homeless youth in the community of Rancho Cordova.  This year; within the past few weeks; my friend Isaac became aware of the project and decided to see if your college group could help out.  He sent out some emails to a few people at church and had it announced the past two Sundays; the basis of our "campaign" was that $1 could buy a pair of socks for a homeless child.  Project 680 got it's name because this year their goal was to collect 680 pair or socks.  Well I'm so pleased that our church family stepped up to the challenge because within two weeks (really just 2 Sundays) we collected just over $400 and 52 pairs of socks.  I had the privilege of going out to purchase the socks so after stopping at 3 Mervyn's and one Walmart I was more then successful at holding true to our $1/1 pair goal.  I came home with 425 pair of socks!!!  So that put our church sock total up to 477 pair (Keep in mind the whole goal of the project was to get 680 pair).  Last night I dropped them off at the house of one of the main guys; what a rewarding experience to be part of.  

This Saturday Project 680 is getting together to do some Christmas Caroling and to hold the Official Sock Counting Party!  Sadly I'll have to work and won't be able to make it; but I'm so glad I was able to participate in some part of this awesome Project.  Today their count was somewhere around 15oo pair! These days I'm all about doing the little things that can make a big difference in a person's life; I mean seriously, $1 for a pair of socks that can keep a homeless child's feet warm; that's doesn't really take any effort on my part at all!

To learn more about Project 680 check out their website here


Su said...

You got to go sock shopping? Lucky you!

Timbra said...

that is so cool. . . thanks to mervyn's closing down, some rad sales can be found!!! I love the reminder that the little things can go so far. .. especially at this time of year.