January 2, 2010

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So my goal for 2009 was to read 52 books; better known as a book a week. I've got mixed feelings on my results because as it stands from a numbers perspective it looks (and feels) like I fell way short of that goal, where as if you just look at the number of books I read this past year and don't take into account my original goal it looks (AND feels) like I read a lot of books. I finished out the year at 33 books; finished the last page of the last book on December 30th, and if I recall, I think I started the first page of the first book on January 1st, so I literally began and finished the year with books!

Looking back over the list of books I read, I'm happy to say that I feel I have a good mix of both fiction and non-fiction, and I've been very happy with the spiritual books I read as well. I look over the list and if feels like I just finished all of these books, and I can' believe it's been a year already. There were weeks at a time where it felt like all I did was read, and then of course there were weeks at a time where I didn't touch a book. The fastest I read a book was in 2 days, and I've still got two books that I started and needed a break from so I've yet to finish . . . hey if you add both those halves in I can bump up to 34 right!?!

My favorite book from the past year was Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne; I think everyone who considers themselves a Christian should read it; well actually I think everyone should read it, religious or not . . . I had to keep my journal close by to write things down non stop, and I finished it only a week and a half ago, but I can't stop thinking about it. I took my time reading that one because there was a lot to absorbe and process along the way, and it wasn't the kind of book where you could just read a page here or there because you'd need time to process. It is truly the kind of book that makes you look at yourself and the world and think "hmm . . . well I can't just read that and not make a change"

I finally broke down and read the Twilight series, which I really did enjoy; I resisted those for a good part of the year! I managed to read the first one in 2 days, the second and third one in 3 days each, and the 4th in 5 days I believe. Very easy reads, and great if you want to feel accomplished in reading lots of pages!!

My least favorite would probably be Middlesex; that was a tough read (at least the first half). In fact I put it down half way through and wasn't sure if I'd pick it back up (which is not my typical style, if I start a book I have to finish it sooner or later), but it had a spot in my closet where I could see if everyday and it kept "calling my name" so I had to finish . . . "interesting" to say the least.

I also throughly enjoyed The Art of Racing in the Rain, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, Look Me in the Eye, Here's the Deal . . . ok, really I throughly enjoyed all of them for their own different reasons!

Though I suppose if you could the countless children's books I've read in the past year my number would be well over 52!!!!

I have decided in the past few weeks that while reading books is great, and I don't intend to give it up, it's time to put my efforts towards reading "the Book," so one of my goals for the coming year is to read through the bible . . . on that note, any recommendations for good websites, books or references on reading the bible in a year would be much appreciated.

And of course I got a few more books for Christmas I can't wait to dive into . . .

*For a complete list of my 2009 reading (less the children's books of course ;) you can check the left side of my blog!


kim said...

Wow, impressive Haley! Andre is really wanting to read Irresistable Revolution. I didn't really read much last year except for entertainment purposes.. .the twilights, harry potter, the hobbit, the hunger games, catching fire. this year i think that i will dedicate myself to reading things that are also helpful.

Timbra Wiist said...

we just got our bible reading for the year. . . i can send you a copy, i also have the daily bible, so i could probably send you that. . . then you don't have to find a paper, you just have the bible in the order of daily reading. . . . good on you for all your reading, want to pass along the one book you think everyone who considers themselves a christian should read ? :) maybe you and i could challenge one another on the daily bible reading and talk about it? i need a partner on this!