January 4, 2010

What I did on My Christmas Vacation (part 2.)

So, as I said, I was picked up directly from the airport and whisked away to Monterey for 4ish days. Mark had been in coo-hoots (??) with me about planning a trip away for Michelle's birthday (the people I work for). Michelle didn't know where we were going until we actually got there, and because she's fron the mid-west and can't comprehend that on the other side of the hills and in the middle of farmland (or I guess more on the edge) is the ocean, she still didn't really believe us when we were there! She actually uttered these words as we were pulling up " so there's the beach, is that all" clearly not a Californian!!!

We stayed in Pajaro Dunes in a lovely 3 bedroom condo right next to the beach! We spent a little time on the beach Monday later afternoon and spend the rest of the time getting settled in and making dinner. After Elli went down we had dinner and watched a movie.

Tuesday was "just" a beach day, we took a nice long walk in the morning, had lunch at home, played some more in the sand and water, and then once again after Elli went down we had dinner and watched a movie.

Wednesday was Michelle's actaul birthday, and Mark had plans to go to the aquariam; yay, I love the aquariam!!! We ended up only spending about an hour and a half there, we were on super speed because of Elli, plus there were tuns of people out on Christmas break. Elli loved the fish and such but was quickly ready to move on! I could have stayed and watched them all day! They have a new seahorse exhibit, and sadly that was the one thing we didn't get to speed through. Mark made reservations at a place called Roy's for a nice lunch. It was on 17mile drive next to one of the 3 major golf courses (not sure which one) in Pebble Beach. After a lovely lunch and chocolate lava cakes we headed back and hung out at the house. On the way home we stopped at a local roadside fruit stand and loaded up some goods. Mark made lazagna (Michelle's birthday dinner request) for dinner and it was quite the adventure as Michelle and I spent most of the time running commentary!! We spent plenty of time eating that day and were stuffed by the end! After Elli went down we played a round of Qurikle, way fun, chatted and then turned in.

Thursday morning was mostly occupied with packing and loading, but of course we made time to visit the beach for one last hour of toes in the sand before we headed home. We pulled into my apartment around 4:15!!!

Greatful for the Christmas Pedi

Ahh, it was lovely, beautiful and relaxing as I didn't do much of anything despite my constant offers and attempts . . . apparently the wanted it to be a "perk" of my job!! I can't complain about getting to spend so much time next to the ocean both in WA and CA; I love me some Pacific Coastline!
*faces hidden to proctec the innocent!!


Timbra Wiist said...

so funny, i picked up on the fact that none of the photos included elli's face:) funny, one might have thought this was YOUR birthday trip, as you got to go to the beach, were fed countless meals and got off scott free on any helping of cleaning up :) a regular member of the fam!