July 20, 2007

Harry Who

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I'm not afraid to admit I'm super excited that Harry Potter comes out tomorrow/today. I'm leaving for Utah in a few minutes, but you can bet I'll be waiting outside the store at 12am ready for my book. I know, how embarrsing; but it's more than just getting the book, it's the whole experience, family bonding, and tradition. This will be the 3rd Harry Potter book I've picked up at midnight, because I'm cool like that. Ok really it's about the book! And I've been informed that my niece is going to be entering some sort of costume contest, so at least I'm not as crazy as my sister!!!


Another day in the life of Beau Hart :) said...

Haley, I can't wait either. We're at Krissi's family reunion, but I'm making a trip into town just to get the book. The only thing i'm sad about is I left my lighting sticker at home and can't wear it to get the book, hahahaha :)

Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

um, if anyone else reads these comments, i think you should go to my blog to SEE for yourself how cute the costume turned out and that i'm not crazy because as you'll also see, alani was like the youngest person dressed up. . . not the oldest by a long shot!