July 24, 2007

Nothing Better

. . . than being inbetween two vacations!! I just got home from my trip to Utah like 20 minutes ago, and I'm doing a quick load of laundry and I'm off to Tahoe for the rest of the week!! I think I like this back to back travel stuff!! Just thought I'd post a little something really quick.

Mom's Birthday is today so "Happy Birthday Mom."

I'm almost 300 pages into Harry Potter, I'm excited to read it but I'm trying to take some time because it's the last one.

And my intresting thought of the day is this. At what point does it start to be okay for women to wear matching pant/shirt outfits? I was thinking about this on the way to Utah when I saw an older lady on the plane wearing some yellow caprie's along with a yellow shirt and overshirt all in the same color. And then again today a lady probably in her mid 30's wearing a matching capri/shirt set. When does this activity become acceptable because I know I couldn't pull it off, not like I'm wanting to know when I can start doing it either!!! Just curios of when the transition period is so I can be aware of it, and steer clear!


kim said...

hey haley, i know how you feel about "savoring" it. i am quite sad that it's over and about some things that happened (which i will not mention), but i had to finish it #1 because it was so suspenseful that i just couldn't stop reading and #2 because i was worried that someone would spoil it for me. hope you enjoy the journey. i recommend hot tea for the times when your stomach coils into a knot. :)

Another day in the life of Beau Hart :) said...

Haha, loved the comment about the matching shirts/pants set. Krissi told me she never wants to plan to match, so I was laughing pretty hard when you said that.

Girl, I know. I already finished Harry Potter. I just couldn't put it down. It was fabulous. I'm so sad it's the last one! Anyways, hope all is well :)