July 18, 2007

Pop Culture

Keeping up with my own life these days is hard enough, I can't imagine keeping on the up and up of pop culture, and not just current, but all of pop culter. The 2007 World Series of Pop Culture has got to be one of the best game show/reality show/media shows of all times!! The teams are super funny, and the vast amount of knowledge they retain about movies, music, actors, singers, tv stars, tv shows, etc is truly ridicules and amazing all at the same time. It's a kick to watch, partly to see if I know the answers, but also to be amazed that these people know them. Seriously they've go to do some hardcore training to know all of this usless informaion, which brings up the question, "do they have real lives?" Though I'm sure Mr. Joe Nobody from that one show in the early 80's that was only on for two weeks, you know know who I'm talking about, appreciates that he is recognized. Any person who has ever tired to be famous should appreciate this show because it's a environment where "Everybody Knows Your Name." Really a must see, I think you can even watch it online at vh1.com. At least check out one of the episodes, but seriously I think you might get hooked!