August 3, 2007

The Beauty of Children

I took the kids to the park today, and was watching them play. While Aden and some new friends went off the the drinking fountain I just sat back and watched. Perhaps there's no greater joy in this world than watching kids be kids. And watching a kid try to drink from a drinking fountain, you can't help but smile. They put all their effort into pushing the button until a large stream of water comes out, and then they stand on their tippy toes to get a drink, but because they aren't concentrating, the water slowly gets less and less, it is then that they have to start all over again! There was an older man sitting on a bench at the park, I saw him walk up, he didn't have any little ones with him, and that might seem creepy to some, but it wasn't, he just sat and watched the kids for 45 minutes. Perhaps he just needed to see the pure joy children radiate to put a smile on his face one more time.

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Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

oh sweet sweet aden. . . . can't wait til alani has some of her own park stories. . . well, today she fed the ducks and LOVED IT!!!!! i guess that's a park story?!