August 12, 2007

Start of the Week Part 2

Every morning after breakfast and our morning devo we were given about 40 minutes of quite time where we were encouraged to pray, read, and reflect with God. I think this was one of the most important things I got out of the week, because I know I don't spend enough time thinking about God, or talking to him in prayer. I really enjoyed this time and came to look forward to it. I hope that now that I'm home I'll continue to do this in the morning; before the day gets away from me. Most mornings during our quite time I would pray, do some reading out of the bible, and do some journaling. I also took the opportunity to write down a quick prayer, I figured it would help me when I look back at the experience to see what I was praying about.

Monday Morning Quite Time:
This morning consisted of getting up at 6am, and taking a pleasantly warm shower (the bathrooms were located inside the building by our rooms, but the showers were outside in two trailers, so I wasn't sure what to expect when I went for the first time.) though a bit of joy is taking out of showering when you have to do it with shoes on! Breakfast wast at 6:30, I got some good visiting in, the devo and personal time is 7:30-8:30. Then we'll be off to our site; today we are working on a new construction site, I'm very excited and ready to go. Right now I'm feeling pretty good and awake!

1 Cor 12:21-14:1; Phil 4:12-13, 2:3-4, 2:14-16; Phil 1 and 2

Monday Night Journal:
"The only solution is making the conclusion that it's just another lesson in life." - Big and Rich

As I spend time here, the topic of conversation turns, every now and again, to the what if's. Things that might have prevented what happened to have happened. But the reality is, it did happen. There's no point in wasting time pointing fingers, and no point pondering on the if's. It's time to just make it better.

Today I worked on a new house, sanded and painted pretty much all day. Me and the roller are pretty much bests now!!! I enjoyed doing it, though I don't think I've ever been so sweaty before in my life! (The AC in the house was broken and by the end of the day it was much hotter in the house than outside, and it was already way too hot outside!!!)
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The house before we painted it!