September 7, 2007

On Another Note

Excuse me, but what's the deal with a vending machine where nothing is under a dollar? I went to grab a snack on break during one of my classes yesterday, I needed some chocolate to get me through the rest of the class!!! I grabbed a dollar and headed over, about 4 buildings away, but I ended up back in class without a snack. The only thing that cost a dollar in there was a pack of mints, and I wasn't in the mint mood. Everything else was a dollar 20 or more. Seriously, what's the point, it's suppose to be a quick snack you can get with spare change, but if it's over a dollar I don't consider it spare vending machine money anymore. But alas, whatever, because I didn't need the candy anyway, not really in my personal life plans at the moment!!
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Anonymous said...

Haley! I COMPLETELY understand the frustration with the vending machine situation! I have been there myself....why are they SO expensive???