October 4, 2007

Can I Borrow Your Phone

Last week I was walking with my friend Del, and this lady asked if she could borrow one of our phones, she was a little odd (don't want to offend, but don't want to go into a whole description), anyway, so to make a long story short she borrowed the phone walked away and made her phone call. It was a much longer process than that, with her coming back, giving the phone back and using it again. But while she was making her second attempt to call whoever it was she was calling Del turned to look at me and said; "I just want you to know, stuff like this only happens to me when I'm with you." I started cracking up, as he proceeded to to list off several weird experienceses he's had while I was with him. I just said; "Welcome to my life!"

Have you ever stopped to think about the weird/random encounters you have with people, I was reflecting on some today, I'll share a few:

One time I was taking a taxi with my mom in Fiji because it was pouring rain; we were in the back and the window in the front was open, someone on the other side of the road ran through a puddle which caused a huge title wave of water to come into the car and completely soak my mom. The taxi driver saw it coming and reached over to try and roll up the window in time, and I just watched it all in slow motion and disbelief. The ironic part, we were taking the taxi while everyone else walked because we didn't want to get soaking wet.

A few weeks ago I went kayaking with wo ladies who were not seasoned in the art of kayaking, and one of them continued to fall out of her kayak, pretty much every opportunity she got, all she was doing was sitting down, and I guess she would over shoot, don't really know. Anyway, she made it through the toughest rapid still in her kayak (probably the only one she made it through) and once she was through it managed to fall out of her kayak, for no apparent reason that I could figure out. The other lady who was much better at the sport, and who use to be a lifeguard; I ended up having to swim in and pull out of the rapid a few minutes later, quite a slow and adventures day!!!

I was flying to Utah one day, and going through security; you know how it is, have to take pretty much everything but your underwear off, I took off my flip flops as is procedure and put them on the belt to go through the x-ray scanner. Well I made it out the other side, along with my bags and only one shoe. So now I'm thinking, oh great, I've got to ask the security guy to get my shoe for me (they always seem grouchy). Fortunately for me he was very nice, he got my shoe and as he handed it to me he said; "Don't you know it's one shoe Wednesday."

I was in Washington D.C. with my mom, we were walking to the reflection pool, and there was a guy playing drums on buckets, I believe, so my mom took out some money and gave him like a buck or two. We saw this other person maybe 30 feet ahead, so she felt like she should give this lady money as well, she walked up to give the lady money, and the lady completely freaked out, started yelling at her, almost attacking her, she may have hit her, and than threw the money back at my mom. Very weird experiences, all of this after it took us like half an hour to find the subway!

So maybe weird things like this only happen to me, well and my mom too, or maybe they happen to you as well. It's something that happens a lot to the ladies of my family!! I hope you've enjoyed the weird experiences I've shared with you, and perhaps it will lead you to reflect on your own, if you think of a good one feel free to share it!! I've got plenty more I just picked a few that still make me laugh to share!


kim said...

the kayaking story made me laugh. it sounds like something that would happen to me. the first time i went skiing while in "ski school" i knocked the girl in front of me down waiting in line for the lift. it was just as well she was really snobby and nobody liked her. then coming off of the lift i fell again and the guy that controlled the lift had to pull me out of the way before the person on the next seat on the lift ran over me and fell and created a whole domino effect. and then on my way down the bunny slope i started going so fast that was getting a little nervous so i tried my best to do the snow plow method that i had just been taught to try and slow down. that wasn't working and for some reason my instinct was to lean back which is WRONG that only caused me to gain speed. finally, i just turned and jumped into the fluffy snow. it didn't hurt but i was right under the ski lift, which was not only embarrassing, but from above fell chunks of packed snow off of everyones skis right onto kim. bum bum bum. so it's not really that weird things happen to me just embarrassing ones.

Another day in the life of Beau Hart :) said...

Hahaha, those stories cracked me up! I'll ahve to think of a few of mine and get back to ya :)

Grannie Annie said...

It is a blessing to attract the finer moments in life.