October 16, 2007

I've been Tagged

It's a good thing I've been compiling a list of odd things about myself incase this happened, not like you need to know more odd things about me after the 101 blog, but here we go anyway!! I'm not going to post the rules because I'm not going to tag anyone, I'm just simply fulfilling my duty as a taggy!

1.) It seems the longer my hair gets the more attached to it I become, and now often times when I walk past a mirror I check to see how long my hair looks either down or in a ponytail.

2.) I like to know exactly what time it is, no rounding up or down and often times when I call people I'll tell then exactly what time it is, unless it's someone I don't know super well, than I try to round because I don't want them to think I'm some weirdo, but it just feels so wrong. The other day I asked my friend if there was a way to manually change the time on my computer because it's a about a minute to a minute and a half slow, and he just laughed at me.

3.) I don't have any problem writing with pens that you have to click, but pens that have a cap, if the cap isn't on the back of the pen I prefer not to write with them because it looks too short and it feels weird to me, like the balance is off.

4.) Lately, because I've got two types of toothpaste that I'm not completely satisfied with, I make a toothpaste mixture when I go to brush my teeth, half of each! My sister was the first one to discover this when she came to stay with me.

5.) When I'm at the gym, or sometimes when I'm just out and about, I check put peoples calves, I think a well defined calf muscle is super hot, and at the same time I find it interesting that some people can have amazing calfs and the rest of them not be that in shape.

6.) If I had to pick only one store that I was allowed to go to for the rest of my life I would pick Target, I could spend hours there!

7.) My mom so kindly pointed out after the last post that not only do I not like things to change, but I don't like taking about holidays too soon in advance because it really stresses me out, which causes some difficulty when planning because someone is always needing a plane ticket to one place or another!

8.) Sometimes I wish that I would wake up sick the next day because for some reason the trade off of not feeling well vs, being able to lay around in bed all day seems so worth it, but it never happens that way, and the reality is I probably wouldn't want it to anyway!


Another day in the life of Beau Hart :) said...

I have nice calves am always getting compliments on them, if only the rest of me were as nice, haha :) Just curious, why would you pick Long Island?

timbra said...

haley haley. . . i have a comment for each of course. . . its because people with "less in shape bodies" are carrying all that "out of shapeness" on their legs . . thus causing them great definition. I am the heir of your dissatisfaction for certain toothpastes and am using one this week while at mom's, it's said TARJ-AY! I pulled my hair out to show mom how long it was. . wait, no, i mean i took down my messy half bun thing i always have it in ( i didnt pull it out to show her a sample). . . this is too long. . . i've got to stop!