November 9, 2007

Music in the Morning

It's a usual occurrence that I wake up with a very random song stuck in my head. And I usually end up singing one to two lines over and over in my head while in the shower. I don't know where these songs come from. Perhaps it's my sub-conscience absorbing them while I sleep, but I'm pretty sure half of the songs I get stuck in my head are not played on the station I listen to at 1 am!! This morning I had a mash up of Zuit Suit Riot and What I like About you stuck in my head; very odd. Yesterday I had two lines of a song that I don't like, and I'm pretty sure I haven't ever even heard all the way through (can't remember what it was). Though I guess I should be thankful that I wake up with music on the mind, because it always starts the day off right, or at least starts off my contemplation part of the day!!

And speaking of getting songs stuck in your head, this past week I have caught myself singing Christmas songs, which is a big no no. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas music, but I'm a huge believer in giving each holiday it's full glory, so Christmas music has no place in my mind until after Thanksgiving. But after being in shock and horror that I was singing a Christmas song, I realized it's kind of not my fault because I can't control the songs that get stuck in my head sub-consciously, I can just do my best to get ride of it when it becomes conscience!!

Enjoy a Jazzy little number!


Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

okay, so this gives me a spot to finally tell you that it happened again. . i made up a word in a song that sounded right. . . papa was a rolling stone. .did he leave us alone or a loan? the brother to the chosen one or the birth of two souls in one. this week it was pink. . . i'd stand up and punch their mouth. . . i couldn't believe that MIKE got the line right and i was on the outs. . . i'd punch THEIR MOUTH!!! give it a listen, you might see how i'd get confused.

Cheesetown said...

Marci has always thought that it's weird I won't listen to Christmas music or watch a Christmas movie until after Thanksgiving. I'm with you!

Grannie Annie said...

This morning, I went into the pool and on the stereo was THE song we all love so dear, and in the corner was a lady getting ready to swim (swim cap donned, nose plugged, goggles and all) dancing and singing. I couldn't resist telling her of your latest challenge. We laughed and both agreed TIS TRUE!

Grannie Annie said...

I just realized I posted on the wrong blog...I meant to put this under the Dirty Dancing sequence!