November 7, 2007

Evolution of the Cube

Let the process begin!!! I'll take you through the step by step process of how my Halloween costume came to be, so grab a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or anything else hot you like to drink (ok, it doesn't have to be hot) and get comfortable because even I'm not sure how long this will take!!!

Step 1: Purchase materials you will need for your project, including a box, standard paint colors for 5 sides of your cube plus black, paint brushes, and super glue. You will also need a tape measure, a pencil, a calculator, something with a long straight edge and scissors later on.

Step 2: Paint two sides of the cube the correct colors (we will take this side by side from here on out, most practical when dealing with paint!) Make sure you do two coats of the solid color.

Step 3: After painting two sides, measure out the sizes of the squares, there are 3 across and 3 down. So for my box which was 18x18x18, the marks were made at 1, 5.13, 6.13, 11.5, 12.5, and 17( the .13 and .5 are the lines after the inch number). Mark those side to side and up and down. Than draw lines connecting all the way across the box.

Step 4: Paint the inside of the lines black

Step 5: Repeat lines going the other way.

Step 6: Once side of cube is compeletly dry, flip over and repeat steps 2-5 with the other two colors. (It is important to decide before you begin how you want to orient your box, meaning, you need to decide which color you want to go on top, and which one you will leave out, which will be the bottom.)

Step 7: Cut the flaps off of one side of the box. With the other side cut out a hold big enough for your head, and than super glue the flaps together so you have a box shape.

Step 8: Paint the top of the box the color you decided and paint the black lines on (this can prove a bit tricky because of the big hole in the middle but do the best you can. Use the standard measurements.

Step 9: Cut two arm holes out on either side of the box, the size of the upper middle square works best. After that you can put your new costume on. (** Please do this with caution, and I also recommend you do it with someone else because if your anything like me you might get stuck in your box and need assistance getting out. But whatever you do don't panic!)

It was asked by a few people why it was that I decided to go blue on top, so in case you too are wondering, when I first learned how to solve the rubik's cube, I learned to solve it blue on top and blue as my starting side, thus I thought it was fitting for my costume to also be blue on top. And now for your viewing pleasure, and in case you haven't had enough of the cubed goodness, heres a more detailed pictorial step by step process of the creation, and some other fun I had along the way! I hope you have enjoyed this episode of "How it's made"

If you would like to try and solve your own rubik's cube online try it out, or watch it get solved, pretty neat!!


Grannie Annie said...

Wow you could be a scientist, artist, or mathematician will all the calculating, talent and patience required for this excellent costume!