November 14, 2007

Ummm . . .

I've got a few things I want to blog about, but I've not been in the mood, perhaps it's all typing and writing I've been doing the past few days that's left me sour on the idea of being creative and funny right now. So I figured I'd just share a few quotes I really enjoy from my collection! I think most of these are from movies or shows, with the exception of the first two; Enjoy.

"Someday someone might make a movie about your life. Don't let it go straight to video."

"You probably shouldn't be talking about it; you probably should be doing it"

"I will tear you to pieces with my bare hands; or with vicious rhetoric"

"The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost"

"I'm not a stranger; we've had two conversations"

"Love may not make the world go round, but it's what makes the ride worth while."

"She's some kind of crazy person who gets kissed once and decides to change her whole life?"

"What's great about knowing?
When you lift up a rock, do you find whipped cream?
No, you find bugs. I say "no" to knowing."

"She read about people she could never be, on adventures she would never have.
Life was good enough until one day it wasn't"

"No respectable man is *that* respectable."

"The Devil never wins, unless you don't fight"

"Mistakes are beautiful; mistakes are part of the fun."

"A minute just seems like a really long time to waste"