November 27, 2007

A Yellow Light Kind of Day

Do you ever have those days were nothing seems to go quite right, but nothing really goes wrong? I feel like today was one of those day. Mostly I wanted to blog, because I've come up with a name for that kind of day, the "Yellow Light Day." I came up with the name as I was driving down Sunrise today, which has about 6 million stop lights. I hit every light on yellow. The yellow light is the light that you have to decide to speed up or slow down on, it's never a clear decision, just like a day where nothing seems to go right, but nothing really goes wrong. I'm the kind of person who likes to have either the green light or the red light, I"m not a fan of the middle!

Perhaps tomorrow will be a green light day!

On another note, I've got the Sac Marathon to look forward to waking me up this Sunday, but at least this year I'll be ready for it, so that will be fun!!! (kind of joking here!)


Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

red light green light.. . i like that game!