November 26, 2007

Thank What

I wasn't planning on blogging about what I'm thankful for, until I came back from Thanksgiving weekend only to see that everyone else had. Reading their blogs inspired me to truly think about what/who I'm thankful for. Fortunately for me, in a not so fortunate way, I have before me a prefect example of why I'm thankful for the people I'm thankful for. I'm not sure if I've said thankful enough yet!!

I'm thankful for my amazing family who support me in every way possible, and never fail to be there for me in times of need, no matter the situation, from a ear to listen, to a car to borrow; which means putting off selling it, and probably an extra month's car payment. Family who will be ever so patient with me even though I can be a pain and very difficult (shocking I know). And of course for my family because they "get me" and can always make me laugh, all in different ways, from the smallest of them to the biggest of them.

I'm thankful for my wonderful friends who come pick me up, and take me out to mexican food even though we've already had it 4 days in a row, so I'm not suck at home and friends who come have mini Office marathons with me, bringing along ice cream and bubble wrap, so once again I'm not stuck at home alone. Friends who value me enough to share the important events in their lives, like new jobs, as soon as they happen, friends who randomly write me or call me, and can always make me smile or laugh, just because they are who they are. The list of friends and reason's go on and on, and if your reading this, I haven't forgotten you, I've got one of these experiences for each of you, I just couldn't possibly list them all off.

I'm thankful for my job, I work for a wonderful family, who is my family in every way possible, they are always there for me when I need them, willing to work around my schedule, and those kids can always put a smile on my face no matter how bossy they are being at the moment! My heart melts every time I see them.

Often times something will happen that will remind me just how lucky I am, but more often than not, I miss those moments, and don't take the time to realize. I'm thankful for the life I have, the life I've lived and the life I still have coming, and of course I'm thankful that I have God in my life who is the true provider of all the things and amazing people I have been blessed with in my life.


Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

I'm thankful for the usefulness of the cowboy boot. . just kidding! This was a sweet post. I didn't post about what I'm thankful for, unless Mike counts! Um. . . I have a little question about "ice cream and bubble wrap" Love You Little Sister!

Grannie Annie said...

What a thoughtful post. And, these are not rare occurrences in our lives, which makes me even more grateful.