December 2, 2007


That's what time I heard my first . . . "Your doing great." Since then there have been too many"YEAH" and "WooHoo" and "Good Job" and often "Yeah, Good Job's" to count, and it's now 8:21. I guess 7:50 really isn't that early, though when you go to bed at 3 it seems earlier than it would if you went to bed at say midnight! There is a man of mystery outside who is often shouting out times, and I think the first time he shouted was somewhere in the 1:20 area, so they were a good bit into their run when they graced me with their presence!

It's the 25th annual CIM today, and I must save I have great respect for these men and women who run 26.2 miles, many looking like they are just out for a morning jog, many completing something on their life list, and many who are running for better things than themselves and their comfort. They are troopers, I learned this when my mom ran it about 9/10 years ago in the pouring rain.

There is still a steady stream of people going buy, I haven't seen the most recent pace setter, so I don't know what time group they are at, my guess is the 4+ hour group. There are (the 4:05 group just ran past!) many cheerers, one man who it took me forever to find because he's behind a tree from my view, he shouts out times and it seems like he knows every runner! Around the corner is a family with many "Wooos" and several cowbells!!

Last year when they all came running by I was not prepared, and mostly annoyed because I didn't know what the heck was going on and I was trying to sleep. This year I was prepared to be awoken by the cheerers, and while I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I'm just watching from my bedroom window instead of being outside (it's pretty dang cold in here too!), I'm excited to be watching it this year!

Somebody just shouted "Yeah, You Hot Momma You," that was a first. And a few minutes ago two guys ran by with some sort of Christmas tree hats on. I think judging by the way these two guys just ran by one of them might have been blind, and I've seen a few kids who look they are in highschool. This is the type of event that is so inspiring because it's something everyone can do, no matter your physical shape or your ability. Alright enough with the play by play action, my fingers are very cold.

Signing out at 8:45 with runners still going by!


Grannie Annie said...

What a great blog. Brings back memories of hearing you, Timbra and Bill cheering and singing with glad hearts, when I ran by. I couldn't have done it without you. It's moments like those that you realize how important your cheering section is...I think there's a metaphor for life in that.