December 5, 2007

Gods Ways

I was just writing my brother a letter, in part because I needed to, and in part because it was just another distraction in the war against my homework. But I realized something while I was writing his letter, something, that has clearly been a growing feeling over the past several weeks. Not only do I feel like I am growing closer to Justin through writing him these letters, but I'm also learning a lot about myself. I'm learning about who I am, I'm learning about God, I'm learning to lean more on God, and I'm learning most importantly to try to practice what I preach in regards to my walk in Christ. I'm so honored to have a Marine as a brother, and I'm so thankful that through his choice in life, I am learning more about my own life. I can see how God is working through this simple act, and that is amazing; which is exactly why I can say that it's coming from God, because he is nothing short of amazing.


Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

you inspire me to write more notes to him. . . . i've only sent his bday card, so i'm not being a very faithful letter writer, i rely too much on email. i'm proud of your faith growth that i've been seeing over the past year or so. . . love you