December 12, 2007

La la laaa

Singing it like Babe the pig!!

I just finished my last assignment for this semester, all that is left is 3 finals next week, oh wait then it's Christmas!!!

And another exciting thing to share, the amazing Isaac found my long lost cookbook tonight while going through my entire life's history in my closet. Though he won't claim himself as the finder, I'll always consider him to be. And his prize; learning just a little too much about me!!! Oh, plus he'll get to enjoy the tasty treats to come!!!

To sum up this evening I'll use the word of the year . . . w00t (follow the link you know you want to!!)


Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

hal . . the new set up is not working for me . . black on blue is too hard to read . . . i followed the "woot" link! and hooray for the cookbook . . .is it the family one?


Just wanted to let you know ... I actually understand your math. You're good :)

Kendy said...

Hey! Bob and Larry were at the family christian bookstore in Folsom.