December 15, 2007

Things to Catch Up on

I'm so far behind in my blogging that I'm going to do a "quick catch up" blog.

Most of you know I got in a car accident the Tuesday before Thanksgiving the 20th. Well I'm still waiting to get my car back, the estimated date was yesterday, but it looks like it won't be done until next Friday and if not by then probably the week after Christmas. I miss my car and am very ready to have it back! So far the estimate damages are $5,400, crazy business.

It actually doesn't look that bad in this picture. The running board was moved back up, it was ripped off and kind of in behind the tire after the accident. This picture was taken at the auto body shop about a week after the accident.

For Thanksgiving we went out to Bodega Bay. It was an awesome weekend, we couldn't have asked for better weather. We left on Wednesday after my parents picked me up, we got to the coast in the evening and sent some time exploring our super cool house and unloading the truck. Thursday we had Thanksgiving at the Beach house, with some family on my mom's side. Friday we just hung out and played games all day, and in the evening my friend Courtney came out to spend the weekend. Saturday we did more hanging out, played some frisbee on the beach, had a bbq with Ben and Katie's family, and then went home for more games!! Sunday we had lunch with my Grandpa Bill and Grandma Elsie. After that we headed home and I took my parents to the airport. All in all a super fun and super relaxing weekend. More picture will come but we took most of them on my mom's camera so I don't have that many.

I have discovered the joy of having fires in my fireplace this winter, something I was clearly missing out on last winter. I've had 5 so far this year, and 3 were with friends. It's nice to just sit and enjoy a fire, it's so relaxing, cozy, and when you've got friend around you get to learn fun things like how to play cribbage, and frost cookies till 3 am (different blog)! Here are some pictures of the fires.

Oh and as I just learned last night, wood doesn't actually burn it's the gasses that the wood gives off that creates the burn. Next time you have a fire look close and you'll notice that the fire never actually touches the wood!

This concludes this blog!!