January 17, 2008

The Hero to a 4 Year Old

No, don't get excited, I'm not the hero in this story; the hero in this story is none other than the one and only Lightening McQueen! It all started just over a year and a half ago. This little man's parents thought that with their son's infatuation for cars and his birthday coming up, the perfect thing to do for their soon to be 3 year old would be to take him to see the movie "Cars." Little did they know that 1 year 7 months and 10 days later we would be where we are now (present day). I think in that past 1 year, 7 months and 10 days, not a single one of those days as passed without some mention of the infamous Lightening McQueen. It's probably more realistic to say that in the time that has passed since he first saw the movie he hasn't made it more then 4 hours without some mention (excluding sleeping hours of course), but we'll go a day at a time so no one thinks I'm exaggerating.All of this build up to what I really want to say. Tonight as I was trying to convince Aden that he needed to eat his meat so he would be strong, he pointed out to me this fact; if he he wanted to be as fast as Lightening McQueen he needed to eat all his meat because Lightening IS fast, but if he eats all his meat he'll be faster than (side note here I just heard him say from the bathroom he would race his sister out of the pit stopper; *the bathroom* more proof of how much this movie has impacted his life!) Chick Hicks and King. And of course who am I to argue with this logic! What I do think is so profound is that a child at 3 now 4 and a half years of age understood from this movie that even though McQueen never actually won(don't tell Aden) any of his races, he's still the best/fastest and most heroic guy in the story.Currently he is running around the house being the fastest car west of the Mississippi, and he just finished his 3 lap race triumphant. Of course he's wondering where his Piston cup is, and the water glass I tried to pull off as the reward just didn't cut it. Off I go to wave the checkered flags!


kim said...

teehee. cute story. i love when you can convince kids to do something they should by using something like lightning mcqueen. the best, jenna is not there yet. the most we can do is you can have a french fry after you have a bite of meat.

Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

oh aden, we love this little guy! i'm opening the new blog. . . . i think aden-isms should make it on there for sure!

Grannie Annie said...

That Aden...he can teach us many a lesson about commitment, loyalty, stick-to-it-tiveness.....gotta love his beautiful mind!