January 12, 2008

One Hundred Thousand Miles!

Said in my best Mike Myers as Dr. Evil voice, with my pinky up to the side of my mouth!!

On January 5th, 2008 at probably about 7:40 in the am, my car hit one hundred thousand miles. (I just like typing it out!) It was a very exciting moment and one I'd been long awaiting, longer than I thought because I was without my car for more than a month (reference "I mean it's already after Christmas" if your not sure why). But despite that it was a very exciting moment. I'm sure you all think I'm crazy for being so excited about it, but with every 10,000 miles I do a little celebration with myself. It's not necessarily about the number on the odometer, it's about what those miles mean in my life. My car is my main mode of transportation and since I've had it I've put roughly 75,000 miles on it; in just under 4 years. That's a lot of miles, a lot of journeys, a lot of emotions, and a lot of really important moments.

At the 80,000 mile marker I was lost in San Francisco with Laura; we were on our way to a Five for Fighting concert.

At 90,000 miles I was simply just driving home from church on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

At 100,000 I was driving up the hill, I had just passed a downed tree in the road, remnants of the previous day's storm. I was on my up the hill to get my hair done, a Christmas present from Ben and Katie. After that was Brunch with my parents and the Polley clan and then the big even of the day was Steve and Jewel's wedding. I had told a friend I hoped that when my car hit 100,000 miles, I was on my way to something important, not just the regular every day kind of driving. And when it happened I felt satisfied that the big moment happened at the start of a very big day!

I wasn't shaking in excitement, the light had just turned
green and then my battery died so I couldn't re-shoot!

I can't help but wonder where the next 100,000 miles will lead my life . . .


kim said...

that is an interesting way to look at putting miles on your car. to be honest it has never crossed my mind to think of it that way, but i like it.

timbra- this is another one of those silver lining moments. oh and i love your dress in haley's last post.

Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

kim. . . we love her!

haley, i'm pleased to see these pix. and SO pleased that you got a pic, for your sake and all, since i know the saga of your camera that week. . .funny that it died on monday and you never bothered to track down 2-AA batteries. . . that's my sister! i love your nostalgia!

Haley said...

what's worse my dear sister is that i still haven't put new batteries in it!

Grannie Annie said...

A momentous occasion to be sure. Good thing the timing worked out, so as not to throw off the weekend schedule so finely honed.