February 6, 2008

Double Tag

I've actually been double tagged.  Once my Candace like two weeks ago, and today by my niece Alani, but because I'm not going to tag anyone else, I'll not post the rules or any of that stuff, we'll just got straight to the meat of it!

First things first, 6 non important things about my self from Candace's blog

  1. Every night before going to bed I have to recalculate how long it will take me to get ready in the morning before I leave, even though I now get up at the same time every morning, I still do it, and reset my alarm every night!
  2. After typing on my mac for a while I have to wash my hands because they feel dirty, it's kind of weird, and not a feeling that I got when typing on my old laptop
  3. The other day I waged war with a spider, and thought it was half dead and drowning from all the bug spray, I still freaked out and screamed when it started falling from the ceiling; afraid it would use it's last breath to lung at me and terrify me.
  4. I bit the inside of my lip when Im not thinking about it
  5. I love working out when I'm at the gym, but getting there is more then half the battle
  6. When I'm on top of my game I cook 3 or 4 meals and divide them up in ready to go tupperware so I have food throughout the week.
And next comes the 8's from Alani, but on her mom's blog
  • 8 things in am Passionate about
  • God
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Learning
  • Children
  • Making a difference in people's lives
  • Fighting Cancer
  • Traveling
  • 8 things I say a lot
  • I don't know, maybe
  • Are you kidding me
  • Seriously
  • Hi, how are you
  • Hello
  • I have to go to the bathroom, again!
  • What are you doing today
  • Out of control, as in He's, Your, or That's out of control!
  • 8 things I aspire to do
  • Graduate College
  • Get Married
  • Have children
  • Travel
  • Make a difference in someone's life
  • Grow my relationship with God
  • Pay off my car
  • Work for a Non-profit
  • 8 TV shows I love
  • ER
  • Biggest Loser
  • Ugly Betty
  • The Office
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Pushing Daisy's
  • One Tree Hill
  • Charlie and Lola
  • 8 things that attract me to my friends
  • Personality
  • Like to have fun
  • Sense of Adventure
  • Different then me
  • Enjoy Life
  • Like to Travel
  • Love for God
  • Values
  • 8 artists I never get tired of listening to
  • Jack Johnson
  • Train
  • Five for Fighting
  • Tyrone Wells
  • Beach Boys
  • The Eagles
  • 8 is too many, so I'll stick with the above six
  • 8 think I have recently learned or accomplished
  • I thin I've finally got a grasp on Mitosis
  • Heath Ledger died of an accidental overdose
  • I feel accomplished for Voting yesterday
  • I feel accomplished for buying roller blades so I can fulfill a year and a half old desire
  • I'm continually learning to rely more on God
  • How to make spinach dip
  • This past weekend I learned about John Sutter
Nothing to exciting, but there you have it!


Anonymous said...

I ran across your blog today, and thought you would like to have my sisters blog for Christan ladies!


klc said...

Thanks for sharing your lists. I can actually hear you saying those 8 most often said phrases as I was reading them. Maybe I have heard you say those before also.

kim said...

i LOVE charlie and lola. cutest thing ever. regrettably i no longer have the disney channel.