February 5, 2008

Today I Voted

Voting is not only right and privilege, but the ability to vote is what makes this country such an amazing place to live.  I'm proud to take time out of my day to voice my opinion.

I wrote that before I went to vote tonight, and now I'm cracking up because my polling place tonight was in someone's garage.  I don't know if this is a very common thing, I thought they normally took place in churches and more community friendly venues.  Voting in someone's garage was a new experience for me, and one that gave me a good laugh.  I'm now proudly displaying my "I voted" sticker on my cell phone!!

I came across an article tonight that shocked me, and honestly I'm not too happy that the idea has even come up.  Apparently in San Francisco they are voting today on whether or not to remove Alcatraz Prison and put a Global Peace Center in it's place.  So seriously people, I'm all for peace and everything, but to try to uproot a major part of California history to do it is going a little to far.  Anyway I don't think it will happen, (though one can never be too sure when the decision is being left up to the inhabitants of San Francisco), but the idea in and of itself is just recidivous.   You can read the short article here if your interested. 

Oh and one last thing, today I heard two different saying that got me thinking.  The first is one I've heard many times over the years and it it is; "if you don't vote you can't complain." The idea being you didn't step up in the beginning so your not allowed to complain about the decisions being made now.  The second, which I just heard today for the first time is; "If you vote you can't complain because your the one who voted for it."  The idea being the same as the first one, it's your own fault we are in this situation, so you can't complain about it.  I guess my question is, which statement do you agree with more?

See my political ranting wasn't too bad today, but that's because it's only the primary's, just give me a few months!  And I'm sure my family is glad their states weren't having elections today so they wouldn't have to get an ear full from me!  


Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

auntie hal, you've been tagged by alani

Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

OOPS! I fixed it "does NOT" and thanks for being a good sport since it was alani's first post and all. . . i haven't read your blogs yet, i am trying to catch up on some paperwork for my students during alani's nap and we just got home from play group,she's been asleep almost an hour, so my time is likely almost up!

jeremy said...

Hi, I don't know you, but I'm a friend of Coy's, found your blog from your comments. I think your two quotes are both true, but in different circumstances. The first (which I've always heard), meaning that you can't complain against the voted-in group if you didn't vote against them and make your voice heard. The second, I take to mean that if you don't like the voted-in group, you can't complain because you voted them in.

I think some people will find anything to complain about. :o)