February 29, 2008

Larry McDonald 
8/1/50 - 2/29/04

Today marks 4 years since my dad passed away.  It's not something you ever really get over, but it's something you learn to adjust to.  It makes me sad to think about all the thing he missed out on in my sister's and my life, but really I guess I'm more sad that my sister and I are missing out on having him around during the big moments of our lives.  
It's a weird feeling today because it's been 4 years since he passed away, but this is the first year we have had a day since his passing because he died on leap day.  I remember someone saying at his funeral; "It's just like your dad to pass away on Leap day, he wouldn't have wanted you to be sad every year."  I remember that often because I know that my dad would want Timbra and I to be happy, and I know he would be proud of all that we have accomplished since his passing.  
I've come to realize he'll always be my daddy even if he's not here any more.  



I lost my dad when I was about 4 years old from cancer. I don't really remember much about him. But somehow it effects me still in different ways.

* I often hurt when I think of what he must have been thinking about when he knew he'd die and not be the one raising his children. I want to raise my children, not have someone else do it.

* I am comforted by knowing I'll see him and get to know him in heaven.

Mike & Lucy said...

Wow. I can't believe it has been so long. Hope it was a good day as you recalled his life and reflected on your life since. May God comfort you....

Anonymous said...
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Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

hey sissy, thanks for the post on daddy! i have not been online much. on thursday night i told myself. . .don't forget to write a post about dad tomorrow. . . and then here we are two days later and i haven't done it. . . but i had planned one too!! I think i'll still write something, eventhough the "moment" has passed. loved our chat. . . love you!