March 17, 2008

The Best Day Ever

This post is long overdue, as "The Best Day Ever" happened over a month ago; but alas, I've finally taken the time to download the pictures from my camera.  

First off, I braided Lauren's hair in piggy braids, so that was very exciting and quite the accomplishment for me (this was not part of "The Best Day Ever", we'll get to that later).  I thought they were rather cute; somehow we compromised because Lauren didn't want a pony and she didn't want piggies, but she wanted a braid, and I managed to talk her into piggy braids!

Second, when the boy is away, the girls will play.  If Aden knew Lauren was in his Lightening McQueen car, he'd probably have a fit for a couple different reasons.  One being that it's "his" car, and the second being that "Lauren is too small to drive it"

fortunately he'll never know what goes on at home while he's at school.  And don't worry, I didn't actually let her drive it; just let her enjoy a few minutes of "her Queen."  She doesn't have a fighting chance when her brother's home!!

And now onto . . . "The Best Day Ever"
I had a Kids Day in the Park meeting to go to on this particular Tuesday evening (2/12), but brought the kids along with me.  We thought the meeting was at the Parks and Recreations office though when we got there we found out it had been moved.  But while in the process of discovering it had been moved, we also discovered that they were having a free ice cream social for kids @ 6:30, and we also discovered (when I say we, mostly I mean the kids) that there was a small pond like thing and lots and lots of ducks and geese to go around.  So somehow Aden talked me into promising to take them back after the meeting to see the ducks and to get ice cream if he was extra good in the meeting.  

Of course he was, so back we went.  The problem was we were there way before free ice cream time.  So, handy me, I just happened to have two slices of bread in my backpack from a sandwich that never got made earlier in the day, offered it to Aden so he could feed the ducks.   I took a few videos.  I was a little freaked out ever since hearing about my niece's encounter with the goose, so I had to be on guard, those things can be nasty, and I had to step in between them and the kids more then once.  After we ran out of bread, we managed to make our way around the park area finding several different things to climb on and explore.  

But at some point we ran out of things to do and the free ice cream was still about 45 minutes away.  I gave up, threw the kids in the car and drove to McDonalds for ice cream, at that point it was worth our time and my sanity to just pay for the ice cream.  The kids got their cones and made it into this little play room/movie area where they proceeded to eat their ice cream (making huge sticky messes, and of all times I left the wipes in the car) and watch cartoons.  When it was time to go, Aden turned to me, eyes half glazed (not sure if it was from the ice cream or the tv, it's hard to tell with that one) and with ice cream running down this face and arms and said . . . "This is the best day ever."   And suddenly the craziness that had been my life for the past 3+ hours didn't matter, all that mattered was that the kids were having . . . "The Best Day Ever!!" 


Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

this is so sweet . . . i just imagine aden saying that all sticky, runny ice cream and everything. i put a braid in alani's hair the other day, just a single situation.

Grannie Annie said...

Very sweet! Case in point that we don't need to do much to create a special memory...just our presence has a way of doing that.

kim said...

he he. cute. and i love the piggy braids, i will have to do that sometime.. that is if jenna will hold still for that long.

taylorchloejake said...

That is so cute! They sound so adorable! I love those little braids, can't wait till my girls have hair!