February 5, 2008

Things Things Things

Here are a few things to admit, note and ponder!

  • I watched the whole Super Bowl on Sunday; I spend the day home sick.  But, as much as  I tired to fight it, I fell asleep 2 minutes before the game ended.  Last I saw the clock was at 1:59; which means I missed the helmet catch everyone's talking about.  And while going into it, I wanted the Pats to win, I quickly decided during the first quarter that the Giants should win it, so I'm glad about that.
  • (Bonus information: for those of you who don't know the Manning's actually have another older brother, Cooper, who use to play football but never made it pro because of a  spinal injury.  He's two years older than Peyton but in my opinion looks exactly like Eli!
  • Today what the first day a new flag flew over Baghdad, I saw that on the ticker tape on CNN and thought it was a rather important event to note, if you sit and ponder it, it means so much more then just a new flag, it means a new start.
  • Some people just don't get it, going about something the wrong way to "shed some light" on the situation isn't helpful, it's just hurtful.
  • We all hate waiting even longer then necessary at the airport, and now here's proof that our impatience was in fact not what made it seem like we were waiting longer than normal in 2007. 
Ok, I think I've caught you up on all the random things I often think are blog worthy, but then never blog about.  So this time I did the short version and you have to do the research for yourself!  Up next, my political rant for the day, but don't worry it's not too bad!