May 3, 2008

Hmm, How 'bout a Parade

I don't know of any other town that has as many parades as this town.  I can't tell you how many Saturday's I've been woken up to cheers, claps, honks, and sirens as parades or the annual marathon that comes through town right out side my window!!!  Fair Oaks comes up with any excuse to have a parade (much like my mom comes up with any excuse to celebrate a holiday!).  This weekend is Spring Fest, I'm not really sure what Spring Fest is, all I know is that it's parade worthy!  Spring Fest is actually two days long, so if I have some extra time tomorrow I might walk over to Old Fair Oaks and check it out.  

Normally I watch the parades and photograph them from my window (mostly because they wake me up and I'm not presentable to the world), but as I was doing that this morning I realized that I was missing out.  So I threw on some clothes and went outside to join in on the parade celebrations!!
The Spring Fest Sign
(through my window with the screen)
The Flags
There are always great sights to behold in our Parades
This girl was part of the gymnastics group; she was walking down 
the street like that, kind of freaky!
The guy who was driving this truck hopped out while it was 
still moving (very slowly) to give me come candy!
Here are more pictures from the parade, enjoy!


Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

okay, this was really funny. and nice new page set up. did we ever tell you about the time when we lived in fiji and this police band was marching like all the way down queen elizabeth drive. it was sort of freaky when we woke to this strange thumping noise that kept coming closer and closer, until we could figure out what was going on. anyway. . .between parades and chickens, i don't know how you ever get any sleep!!!

taylorchloejake said...

Is that a lama? Too funny. I'm a huge fan of parades, I would love to live there! We are looking forward to seeing your mom and Bill in just a few weeks! Wish you could join us!

Grannie Annie said...

Hmm...I swear (if I swore) that I did post a comment. It went something like this, "how great that you were able to enjoy the parade from the comfort of your balcony, and so on and so forth." Now, some unsuspecting blogger has a weird comment on their page about a parade, from someone named Grannie Annie. Hrmph! I Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike & Lucy said...

Wow. What fun. I didn't know people did parades much anymore. I guess they do where you are at! All their many parades must keep them coming up with all kinds of bizarre ideas...the gymnast girl and the llama!?!Too funny!