June 12, 2008

Loco Local Love'n

I was very distraught when I found out we wouldn't be taking out family trip to Hawaii this year; mostly because I needed to restock on my Locals.  Ok, maybe not mostly but it was a serious factor!  I've been holding on to the my few pair I have from the last trip that was 3 years ago and was in desperate need of a new stock.  Well we had a mini birthday celebration for me while I was in UT and I was super excited to open my presents to find not 1, not 2, not 3, but 6 pair of new Locals!!  That's right I said 6!!  I was/am excited beyond words!!! And it was also exciting today to be able to toss out my poor excuse for Locals in exchange for some "fresh" ones.  

Perhaps in heaven Locals will be the footwear of choice!

Thanks Timbra and Mom for getting the idea, and thanks to Heather (the little Hawaiian helper) for making a girls shoe dreams come true!!  Some girls like $200 shoes, I'm content with Locals!
Of course a Slippa's balloon is in order!
The Local Circle of Love
One should always have the classic black pair so your ready for anything; Heather's logic which I fully agree with, the rest are all for fun!  Still haven't warn them yet, I feel like I should save the first wear for a special occasion; perhaps I'll pick the perfect pair to go with the perfect birthday outfit!


Dax said...

hooray! :) i'm glad you're happy with them. i was amazed at the lack of color selection... it's summer!

Timbra said...

this is a cute post. . . glad you finally did it and i like the local circle. . cute idea! happy birthday month (sorry you have to share with Alani. . I share with Bill, the only one who doesn't have to share is mom. . . see mom, there are perks to the fact that no one you know has the same bday as you. . in fact no one in our family has the same bday MONTH as you either!)

vernice said...

Haley Girl,

You always make me laugh. I love your new locals though. You are the luckiest birthday girl ever, to get 6 pairs of Locals what more could a girl want!

Happy Birthday, Love Vernice