June 4, 2008

Ratuation (rat-chew-way-tion)

I know this post is long overdue; my sister has posted about it here, here and here, so for the expanded version with lots more pictures you can check those out (but be sure to leave all comments here!!)

Saturday May 24th, 2008 I walked across the stage (well actually we walked in front of the stage) to receive my BA (and of course I didn't actually have it in hand yet!) in Child Development from California State University of Sacramento - CSUS or Sac State.  It was a very exciting moment in my life; a benchmark moment if you will.  I've been working toward my BA in Child Development for the past 5 years, and at 22 years old I've now accomplished what I set out to do.  I suppose one could say I've actually been working towards this my whole life considering that this is where life has directed me to this point, but it took me 5 years of college to get to the stage!

Waving hello to my fans!
Getting ready to go
Lauren Spots Me
Alani Spots Me
Aden Finally Spots Me
Fortunately for me, I've been surrounded with love and support throughout this whole journey, and there's no way I would have been able to accomplish such a huge task if it hadn't been for the support of my friend and family.  Everyone in my life has played a special part in getting me where I am today, and while it's tempting to list them off and thank them each for their contribution, here's not the place for that.  Just know that I love and appreciate all of your for your unique support and encouragement along the way.

Graduation weekend was a big to-do, starting with Timbra and Alani arriving on the Wednesday before.  Fortunately I was able to work out my finals schedule so that I had them all taken and over with before anyone even came to town; thus when the first guest arrived so did the celebrations!  Timbra and Alani came up on Wednesday, Thursday my mom and Bill flew in, Friday, Mike, Justin, Cheryl, Tyrone, Ireen and Ethan and Grandma all showed up (yep, it was turning into the makings of a big dog party [mom I like your hat]).  

Saturday morning started out with an ever festive breakfast at the International House of Pancakes (IHOP; Bill's choice) and then running around town doing a little of this and that to get ready for the big event (before we go any further somehow the even got so big and eventful that it was equated to me getting married, with some jokes along the way!).  Had to get some last minute clothing items, a haircut, makeup, all that good stuff.

Graduation was at 5, and I had quite the turnout; or fan-club as I like to call it!  This is the whole group together in a rather impressive shot if I do say so myself; I mean, how often do you get this many people looking in the same direction!

(Back Row - Justing, Courtney, Dustin, Aden, Isaac, Del. Middle Row - Bill, Mom, Me, Timbra, Alani, Mike, AUnt Teri, Ben.  Front Row -Grandam, Canda, Di. Front - Katie, Lauren)

Mom and Me
The Whole Family
Me and Di 
(If there was one thing  I could have changed it would have been that my dad was there too.)
My Homies - Courtney, Dustin, and Isaac
The Polley family
Del and I
After the ceremony we all made our way to Spaghetti Factory for a tasty pasta dinner, then we made it back home for some rest and to gear up for the actual party on Sunday!!
One of our Two Dinner Tables
Once again I'll say how truly blessed I am, and how blessed I feel because of all the love and support that people have shown me, as silly as it feels when someone says they are proud of you; I know it all comes from the heart and it means a lot to me.  We had a huge turnout for the BBQ, and we couldn't have asked for better weather.  Thank you to my mom, Timbra, and Katie for working so hard to make this BBQ so special.  And Thank you to all their extra helpers.   I was so excited to see all my friends and family at the party, and to have a chance to catch up with them all.  The biggest surprise when when I found out the Boggs Family was coming; they made a day trip up in the midst of getting ready for a cross country move.
The Family
The Boggs
Don't touch my cupcake
The Party
Jim and I
The Party Planers
Didn't get a pic with Mike and the BBQ
Didn't get a pic with Bill at the BBQ either

The whole weekend was full of love, support, and celebration; I'm so lucky that God has blessed me with amazing family and friends.  
What better Fortune could a Graduate Ask for!

Sadly the partying ended on Monday when everyone had to head home, but the celebrations continue on as I embark upon this next chapter of my life . . . the chapter of unknown experiences and wonderful adventures.  Stay tuned for what's to come . . . 


Timbra said...

very nice post. so funny that EVERYONE (even the two toddlers) made eye contact with the camera. that is like the MOST awesome photo ever and we don't even know the eager photographer's name. it was a one shot deal and we did it!!! anyway, that's what i'd like to focus on in this comment. glad to read this post it was a very good summing up :) see you in two days and i'm putting you to work on yet another party :0) ps my word verification word today is zemder (i'm sure we can make up a definition and find a way to start using zemder in our every day language!)

Grannie Annie said...

I do I do like your party hat!

kim said...

does lauren love ratatouille? that is what all the "ratat's" remind me of :) congrats haley!! what now??

taylorchloejake said...

Looks like you had quite the fan club! Congrats, I'm glad you had a fun celebration!

Mike & Lucy said...

Congrats! I loved your side of the story and all the new pics that I hadn't seen yet! How special that sooo many could turn out for such an exciting event! Hope you are enjoying being free for the moment. You must tell us what comes next for you!!

Timbra said...

um. .. your motto for the day should be "mini birthday celebration post or bust. . . " you're killing me smalls. speaking of smalls, i JUST got your message today about being an hour delayed and would have come back and sat with you at the airport had my phone not been dead when you called . .. :(