August 7, 2008

My Version of Packing!

So really what I should be doing right now is packing for Mexico, but seeing as my flight doesn't leave till 6am Saturday morning, I'll probably wait till about midnight tomorrow night to get it all packed up!!

And in the mean time, I've got important things to blog about.
I'm a huge fan of the Olympics, I wait with eager anticipation for them to come every two years.  I'm a fan of both the winter and summer Olympics so thankfully I don't have to wait 4 year in between!!  There has been so much going on this week that I keep forgetting that the Olympics actually start tomorrow night and not in a few weeks (where does the time go???).  Randomly I recalled this handy hand sign my sister made me for probably the last summer Olympics and realized it might be in my hope chest.  So I was very excited to open my hope chest up and find it right there (smelling like cedar!)!!  I've pulled it out and dusted it off and it's ready to go.  Go USA!!!! 
(Special thanks to Timbra for making me this Olympic supporting hand flag! *Please note that this flag is accurate with 13 red and white strips and 50 hot glue gun dots representing the 50 states!)

Exhibit #2 are these special boxers!!
I don't even remember who got these for me, it was either my step-dad or my uncle, and I'm pretty sure they were a free pair from some conference (yeah who gives out boxers at a conference!?!)  Anyway they are like 2XL and they have always been super huge on me, but they were pretty much my favorite sleeping shorts ever (probably because of the excessive size!).  A few years ago they got a rip so I tucked them away.  Well apparently the rip was much larger then I remember because the other day I pulled them out to wear and they are clearly unwearable.  Sadly they were placed ever so gently in the trash tonight :(

That's all. . . perhaps I'll try my hand at packing again!


Grannie Annie said...

Maybe you could make them into a pillow...quick dig them out of the trash!

Love those flags...are you bringing them on the trip with you? They won't take up much room. GO USA!

Timbra said...

oh my goodness (or. . oh my goodie as alani says) that made me laugh so hard when i saw the hand flag/rings. . . those were some serious work, i should make some new ones for our family since i don't know if i have mine anymore. . but i'm such a saver, i probably actually brought them to fiji with us :) and yeah, the harley davidson red/blue and yellowish boxers. . . i had a pair too and LOVED THEM. . . bill got them at a conference for us :) Maybe you can make a piece into a coin purse or a potpurri pillow for your other night clothes drawer. so i'm with mom. . quick!!! dig them out of the trash!