August 17, 2008

Weight off my Shoulders!!!

I've got lots of posting to do this week to get everyone all caught up about my adventures from this past week, but first things first.  I now have a weight off my shoulders.

May 24th my hair looked like this in the morning:
And like this in the afternoon:
(though this picture is was actually taken about 2 weeks later.  Not really sure why I look like such a giant next to Timbra in this picture; I think she was standing to the side - cheate)
And on August 8th, my hair looked like this in the afternoon:

(the amount cut off on the 8th; next to my camera case for comparison)

I don't have a picture of the amount cut off the first time because the lady who cut my hair that time didn't put it in a pony and chop if off, so I was very excited for the "dramatic" cut this time with the pony.  I love it; it was perfect for Mexico. . . 


Timbra said...

That's a long pony that got chopped off!!! Um, I like that you said "in the morning" "in the afternoon" as though. .. as though I don't know, it was just a funny thing to say in your blog. . . love ya, it's okay if you can't post on all 14 of my posts i did since you were gone. it's only the 17th and i've already posted as many blogs in august as i did in ALL of july. . . this is my month baby!!!!

Heather said...

cute cute haircut!