September 24, 2008

3rd Annual Chicken Festival

The moment we've all been waiting for; what exactly happens at a Chicken Festival in Fair Oaks!!  Last Saturday I made my way over to the Chicken Festival in town; it's only like 5 minutes walk at the most from my apartment!  It was quite large; shockingly so considering the size of this little town.  It was much like any typical festival celebrating a random thing!

There were 3 bands playing on different stages; one at the back park, one right smack dab in the middle of Old Fair Oaks on the street and one at the end of the street in the beer garden.  All along the street were vendors selling their goods; some chicken related, some not.  The park in front had all different kids of food vendors and the bounce things/activities for the kids, and the park in the back had a band and the chicken cook-off events.

Now for those of you who don't know; Fair Oaks has a whole bunch of wild chickens and roosters that randomly live around town; I'm not really sure of their history, perhaps something for another day!  They are such a huge part of the culture that the "Welcome to Fair Oaks" sign has a rooster on it!  So this was the 3rd Annual Chicken Festival in celebration of our beloved chickens.  I will say I did feel kind of bad for the chickens because any of them that dared show their face during their celebrations was pretty much continually chased around by children and even some adults.

Funniest thing I heard all day was a conversation between two ladies trying to photograph a rooster; it went something like this . . . Lady 1: "I can't get a good picture."  Lady 2: "I know; we'll he isn't being very corporative."  The were both dead serious and I wanted to scream at them; "Seriously, it's a rooster for goodness sake!"

Without further ado . . . 
Chickens Decor 

Chicken Ladies 

Chicken Fans

Chicken Man

Chicken Dog

*Any chickens consumed at the event were store bought, and in no way an attempt to "thin the herd"


Timbra said...

totally too funny. so have you lived in F.O. since the first annual festival? I'm always surprised when a festival is so "new" like the hot air balloon festival, this was only the 2nd annual, it seems like the chicken festival would have been around for ages before you moved there and starte commenting on the local population of funny faced roosters :)

Timbra said...

nope, no beam for her. I put her on it but she didn't want to do it, which is funny cuz she uses the curb at home like a beam all the time I thought she'd LOVE it, but you're not supposed to make them do anything they don't want to do, so you know. . didn't want to make her cry in front of everyone by insisting that she could in fact do it and would love it. . . . the bars are her new thing cuz mike always does pull ups in the park so she likes to do her "pull ups" too :) as was seen in the most recent park post

Kendy said...

thanks Haley, we made the drop today....... hope he's happier in Fair Oaks than PVille. :-)