September 20, 2008

"The Greatest Show on Earth"

So after the Big Cookie Friday portion of the day was over, Lauren went down for a nap and Aden had some quite play time before we headed to the circus.  Lauren was so excited to be going to the "Fair"; I could not convince her that it was actually called the Circus!  We got there early because I didn't know what Friday traffic or the parking/crowd situation would have in store for us, so we grabbed a snack and headed to our awesome seats to watch the open floor pre-show.  Neither of the kids wanted to venture down onto the floor for an up close and personal experience so we watched happily from our seats!
Having some chicken strips and lemonade while watching the pre-show
I'm not really going to go into the politics of a Circus; animals and such, but I will say this; the fair is weird!  It was a really great show, very impressive to say the least, but it's just so weird.  I mean you've got women hanging by their hair, men bending in ways that a body shouldn't be able to bend holding other men up, and a random collection of animals doing stunts (the porcupine was most surprising to me!)  I will say this; there is pure joy for a child to experience the circus, and the should all get to do it at least once!

Barnum and Bailey claims to have "The Greatest Show on Earth" and it was beyond adorable when Aden heard someone say that and then promptly said to me in all his excitement "This is the greatest show on earth!"

Aden's favorite part was the motorcycles in the cage of death (at least that's what I call it!)  I think they got up to 9 in there.  Lauren loved the elephants; and they were my favorite part too.  
The Cage of Death

The Elephants

Two Passed out Kids with their light up toys!

Stay tuned for Saturday adventures . . .


Timbra said...

hey. . . so much fun the circus. i think it's coming our way soon. i was planning to take al to the gymnastics while mike's in lubbock, but i guess their stop here got cancelled with no new date. . bummer!!! the passed out kids with light up toys pix are so cute!!!!

taylorchloejake said...

I've always wanted to go to the circus! How fun. I love the picture of Aden passed out.