September 20, 2008

Weekend with the Polley Kids

Last weekend I had the pleasure of watching Aden and Lauren from Thursday afternoon through Sunday night.  There were all sorts of fun activities for us to do; and by Sunday afternoon we were all pooped out!

Thursday night we kept it pretty low key because Aden still had school on Friday, but by the time end of school rolled around of Friday the fun began, and it didn't slow down!  

Friday is often referred to as Cookie Friday or Big Cookie Friday (as the cookies consumed on Friday are required to be substantially larger then any cookie consumed on any other day of the week!) around the Polley house; a tradition that started a few years ago when Aden started going to preschool.  So last Thursday while we were in Target, I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the Cookie place for cookies the next day or make them at home.  The results were unanimous; make them at home.  So Friday while the spider-man mac and cheese was cooking we made the cookies.
Hard at work making the perfect cookies

The Masterpieces ready to bake

No one could have guessed they'd grow that much

Apparently they were exhausting to eat; but tasty none the less

The funny thing about Big Cookie Friday is that neither of the kids eat their whole cookie!!  Sometimes Aden has come close, but Lauren just picks out whatever chocolate might be embedded into the cookie!!  I'd say that the Big Cookie Friday part of our Friday was a hit.  

Up Next. . . The Circus . . .


Timbra said...

can we make those cookies next time we are together?!!! NOVEMBER hey hey for THE concert, we'll make some giant cookies ahead of time. love ya

taylorchloejake said...

Those are some massive cookies! What a fun tradition!