October 17, 2008

A Sing'n and A Shake'n

First off; just a thanks to my sister for not only reminding me of this dreadful day; but for forcing me to share this story with the world ;) !!!  Honestly I just knew I was in the 89 earthquake and I was in preschool; it wasn't until this morning that I discovered that today is in-fact the 19th Anniversary of the event.  And if my sister was 8 and a half when it happened; that means I was a wee 4 and a third when it happened.  If you haven't read my sisters account yet; you can find it here.

And so the story begins; while my sister was off "cuddling" with an older boy she "probably liked" in a doorway while the house was shaking around her; my story is one of a different sort.  I was at preschool that day but I don't remember what we were doing at the time; all I know is that I walked into the bathroom leaving a perfectly normal classroom behind; but opened the door to a very different site.  See; apparently while I was in the bathroom doing my thing and singing my little heart out; the world around me was shaking (the bathroom wasn't shaking at all).  I went to the bathroom; washed my hands and opened the door to everyone crouched under the tables.  I remember it being a very traumatic site, and I remember it looked very full under those tables but I had to dash from the bathroom to under the table.  Besides that I don't really remember much; I remember that after the earthquake was over the teachers let us all just play until our parents got there; and I remember feeling like they were pretending like nothing had happened (I'm sure that's not true).  And that's where the story ends; I too remembered my sisters doll losing it's leg to the disaster, but that's it.  My mom said that I was very traumatized by the event, and she had to go see a therapist  to figure out how to help me; clearly I had some PTSD!

(gotta get mom in there too!)
I don't really remember much about the 89 earthquake; after-all I was only 4 at the time, but I remember the earthquake itself very well.  And thanks to that earthquake I now, 19 years later, have a funny story about me as a 4 year old sining in the bathroom while the world around me was falling apart. 


Grannie Annie said...

Thanks Haley!

Timbra said...

well, that was a little sad. . . sorry i made you relive it. hopefully your PTSD doesn't return EVERY TIME you think on this. love ya! (is mom saying "thanks haley" as in thanks a lot for posting that photo of me in 1989? or thanks for the wonderful story so the world won't forget?)

Coy said...

Wow. Great hair, Anne!