October 22, 2008

Weekend Updates with Haley McDonald!

Some might wonder what exactly I've ben up to lately; and the truth is not too much besides work and regular everyday life!  There have been a few fun weekend activities I've participated in over the past month that I figure I'd share with you!

First off; a few weeks ago Isaac came over and we made Beignets (French Donuts.)  Isaac had a box mix from his trip to New Orleans last year; Cafe Du Monde is the bomb!  I promised Isaac that I wouldn't put up any pictures of him in his apron without his pre-approval, so sorry no pictures tonight (use your imagination; my old cold stone aprons!).  The Beignets turned out really well though we have a few ideas to improve our Beignet making skills for next time!  We both have a fondness for powdered sugar so we didn't hold anything back in that department (ok, the powered sugar was my job; Isaac was the fry cook!)
A mini Beignet; our tester!

Our final product; don't worry we didn't eat them all!

Two weekends ago I made a trip to Healdsburg to visit with my mom who was out for her Tri Girl Tri (see her post here) and my aunts and uncles.  It was a quick trip but it was a blast; not only did I get to see my mom and aunt T in their race but I had some serious bonding time with my uncle T who is a total crack up; I guess that's what happens when your in a car with someone for an hour + at 6 a.m.!!  Congratulations to my mom and aunt T for their awesome accomplishments!

And last weekend I was presented with the opportunity to help out at a Special Olympics bowling practice for a few hours.  I was in charge on two lanes; basically my job was to make sure that everything in my lanes was running smoothly (resetting when things messed up and such) reminding the players when it was their turn and keeping track of their scores.  It was a crack up!  I had 3 people in one lane and 2 in the other; they were all older then me, I think 4 of them were probably in their 40's!  One lady was too much for me; she was very protective of her bowling ball (had her name engraved on it) and kept telling the other two guys in her lane not to touch her ball (over and over and over again!) and telling me to tell them not to touch her ball.  At one point she threatened to kick Tod's (one of the guys) a** if he touched her ball; poor guy never even went close to her ball (he had his own personal ball) and had no clue what she was talking about half the time.  I had to bite my lip a few times so I wouldn't bust out laughing.  They were all super sweet and it was a very humbling experience to help out.  The guys in the lane next to us (also part of the Special Olympics) were amazing bowlers; getting strike after strike; they could out bowl me any day!  

So in a nutshell that's what I've been up to over the past several weekends!


Grannie Annie said...

You are the busiest person I know who hasn't "been up to much lately." You crack me up! In a single post....a creative cooking experience shared with a friend, travels to support your mom and visit with family, and helping others by your support in the Special Olympics....I like your everyday life style...it's awesome! As are you!

Timbra said...

yeah, you're so "unbusy" busy bumblebee. too busy to post cuz you're out doing stuff and livin' a life. and watching cute little baby boys all day long. i will post no more until isaac gives his approval and we get AT LEAST ONE apron photo on this blog!!!! Isaac, are you reading this? please approve just one for all of Haley's fans, won't ya?!

Timbra said...

wait, i meant i will comment no more, but i accidentally wrote "post" and now i can't even keep that no commenting portion of my threat, because i messed up on the verbage. . . i'm totally lame-o

Grannie Annie said...

Did Bill tell you that one of their customers gave him an apron on Brazil as a gift? You'll have to hear him tell it with his Brazilian accent, which sounds Russian...hmm.

taylorchloejake said...

Sounds like a whole lot of fun! I would have eaten it all. (I had to steal your blog title suggestion because it made me laugh so hard). How the heck did you get so funny?