November 24, 2008

And for the rest of the Story

It was very important to post the blog about NKOTB, but there was still a whole weekend's worth of other events to share!

I headed out to UT on Thursday night and while my flight was mostly uneventful; the man sitting one row behind me and to the left was quite the talker; he started talking from the moment his seat mate sat down and he didn't stop till he was off the plane.  The guy sitting next to me, and I couldn't wait to put our head phones in to drown him out.  The guy sitting next to me was a nudger and would nudge me every now and again to point out that the guy behind was still going (seriously he was like the energizer bunny back there).  And at one point when we were getting close to landing the guy next to me said; " you should thank me (I gave a small chuckle); no, seriously you should thank me."  And at that point I didn't know what else to do so I said; "Thank You."

After being picked up by my sis and Al, we headed home and at that point Alani had captured me in the bedroom where we played for maybe a little less then two hours; it was during that time where I taught her a fun little way to wake people up who are pretending to sleep; by cock-a-doodle-doing at them!  It was super cute; I didn't teacher her to say it but to make the sound.  After that ER was on, so the three of us watched that, and it was a bit emotional because Dr. Green made a guest appearance, but there were also a few other surprise guests that took us by surprise; as in extra tears.  After our show Al got to watch a movie and then we all headed to bed.
Alani wearing her "King"
Friday we lounged around in the morning and after Mike got home Timbra and I jetted out to the stores to pick out our outfits for family pictures we have coming up this week, and then to get the supplies necessary for our NKOTB shirts.  After getting all the necessary items we went home to pick up Mike and Al and headed to the Gingerbread Festival; super cute little festival at Thanksgiving Point; where we wandered around admiring all the houses and such made of Gingerbread and feeling bad about lack of Gingerbread creativeness (if we do build gingerbread houses we use a kit.)  They were selling kits there so you could make your own, but after seeing all the fancy ones; what's the point!!  That evening we mostly just hung out and worked on our shirts.  
This was my favorite one (made with rock candies)
Saturday morning, Mike made us some super yummy pancakes before we headed off to Al's music class, so much fun.  I was dancing around like a chicken at one point; rather fitting after having taught Alani to cock-a-doodle-do; which by the way was how she would greet me each morning there after!  In the afternoon Timbra and I set up tables for that night's chili cook off, and then stopped by the cook off before heading to the concert.  Since we already covered the concert; no need to relive it (as much as I'd enjoy to do so).

Sunday was a nice relaxing and low key day.  I was so tired from staying up till 4 talking to my sister that I couldn't get myself up for class, but made it in plenty of time for church.  Mike preached so that was fun and he gave a great lesson.  Yahtzee The rest of the day was spent cozy on the couch eating popcorn and playing while watching Flushed Away and a few veggie tails flicks!   Then it was homeward bound.

Whew; glad I got all that covered; I have to keep up since I'm headed out of town for more family fun tomorrow night . . . 


Grannie Annie said...

Yes, thanks for the summary! Always a treat. Love the part about how Alani woke you up!

Timbra said...

you're so beautifully concise. it took me about four thousand more words. . . okay, maybe like forty thousand. you should be on the ferry heading over the big water at this very moment. see you in the morning. hope there aren't any inflatable bed disasters this time :) and i love alani's "king" picture. you're the best auntie ever!!!

Heather said...

sound like fun! hope you're having a fun thanksgiving weekend so far.

Mike and Lucy said...

Glad you all had fun. Dougle laughed when he found out you and Timbra were NKOTB fans!
And I am just sad we don't get DR Pepper here in Ukraine! Not that they would honor a ticket...I am sure there is something about an exemption in certain places! :)