December 2, 2008

Ted the Tamale

A few weekends ago I was making tamales for a Mexican theme "Hospitality Night" I was having.  Our congergation designates every 4th Sunday of the month as Hospitality Night, where they encourage members to invite one or two families (from the members or community) to come fellowship and have a meal.  So for the month of November I was hosting our college group for dinner and games.  My good friend Court came up on Saturday and was spending the night and decided to help me make the tamales!!  Court's not really much for cooking but is always eager to learn, so I figured why not. 

Once I explained the general process of tamale making we set about our work and soon enough I looked over to see Court making faces and the such in her tamales!!  It was cracking me up, and I had a flash back to a time several years ago when I tried to teach Steve Melton to make a lasagna . . . I showed him the steps (layers) and walked away for a minute; when I came back he's spelt his name in cheese in the middle of the lasagna!  

Court's First Tamale Making Experience 

First Masa, then Chicken, Beans and Cheese

Her "Masterpiece" took like 10 minutes to make!!

Me just working away

The "Tiny Tamale" (Also Court's creation)

Ted the Tamale (at first his name was Tammy until I decided he looked more like a boy tamale)

And when all was said and done these were our piles; Court's is in the front and mine is in the back!

It just goes to show that when teaching a friend how to cook the most important thing to do is have fun and enjoy the moment.


Grannie Annie said...

So much fun.....I like your take on the end result!

Timbra said...

hilarious. . . you have funny friends (even if steve is one of my friends too, he always seemed to really "come out" when with you :) i've decided to have more fun with my food and will be putting secret messages into my lasagna and silly faces into my tamales from now on. . . no one has to know :) they all taste the same. good job passing on the fine art of tamale making to a friend.