November 20, 2008

Step By Step . . . * Updated with Slideshow

oh baby
Gonna get to you girl
Step by step ooh baby
Really want you in my world

Do you ever have one of those moments in your life where you think to yourself (in the moment); "Yep I'm gonna remember this for the rest of my life."  Well Saturday night was one of those moments; ok, it was really more like 3 hours of consecutive moments like that; but first we must back all the way up.

So the love affair with New Kids On the Block started when I was 6 (I always say 5 but my sister recently informed me I was 6).  When I, being the little sister, tagged along to the New Kids on The Block concert and got a super cool neon pink and black hat that would become important again in 17 years (little did I know it at the time).  Once my sister started driving we'd get in the Audi and pop NKOTB into the tape player and rock out all the way to our dads house (the tape was also used long before this time period).  And every now and  again I'd be cleaning my room and come across my hat; which I would then wear till I finished cleaning my room (mostly because I never knew where to store it)!  Then at some point along the way (when I was into downloading "free" music) I made a mixed CD to keep with me.  Which leads to loading the songs on my first and then second iPod.  So let's see if we got this straight; we went from a live performance to tape, to CD to old school iPod shuffle to new school iPod shuffle; and back live again, all in 17 years; my how time changes things!

About a year ago I got wind that there was a possible NKOTB reunion in the works; and I quickly scoured the internet in search of facts, began checking their website waiting for updates and passing all information along to my sis.  We both knew that if it was true then we had to be there to experience them live once again (and perhaps not for the last time!?!).  So it was true, they were going on tour; and they were stopping in all the right places; so we quickly decided that UT would be the winning city, and Timbra bought some tickets from a lady off Craigslist (Websides, iPods and Craigslist, oh my).  From then on it was a waiting and planning game.  

Saturday was our lucky day; a day that I will never forget; the build up and anticipation of seeing our favorite boy band live again was just too much.  We made shirts in classic early 90's style; the puff paint and iron ons were a must.  And of course I still had the hat!  We went, we saw, we screamed, we sang, and we cri. . .  (ok, no we didn't actually cry)! The show was absolutely amazing; they still have "The Right Stuff" and are way cuter now!!!  They sang all the right songs, had all the right moves; and every 20/30 something turned preteen was back in the early 90's reliving one of the best moments of their lives.  

Al practicing her poses the night before

Me all ready to go

Umm, How's my hat?

Here we go!!

Al's apparently trying not to act excited!

From here on out we spend the night singing and screaming!!

One of my favorite pictures

Close Up

Just us Chickens
Alright I'll put the rest in a slide show to come.  And for more of the story you can check Timbra's blog here. Mock us all you want; we don't care because we love NKOTB!!!  My voice is finally fully recovered from all the screaming I did!  

Enjoy some video footage as well!


Grannie Annie said...

My girls have "all the right stuff." What a fun fun fun experience and wonderful memory! I've been reliving the past through you and your sister's stories..

Timbra said...

you are so funny. . .nostalgia nostalgia, i LOVE it. . . yeah, very funny about the live, tape, cd, ipod, ipod, and live again. that "fave pic" is also my fave pic. . . thanks for sharing memories and making new ones with me :) love ya and ps. . . STOP TALKING ABOUT MY PUFF PAINT SHIRTS!!! give a sister a break already!!!

Heather said...

fun fun!
none of the music i listened to when i was 6 stuck with me. i try to block it out i think. and deny it was ever in my tape player.

Anonymous said...

Kind of a funny thing to comment about, but you are a really great writer! Glad you enjoyed the show!

Su said...

You know, I was all prepared to mock, but then I read Timbra's blow-by-blow and now I'm all, "Man, I missed out!"

taylorchloejake said...

I can't believe your brought that poor little baby to the NKOTB concert. Just kidding! How awesome! you guys rock! And I'm totally not laughing at you, not even a little bit.