December 30, 2008

"How do you get that Job?"

I was reading an article the other night about the leap second that will be added in at the tail end of 08 right before the start of 09 when I stumbled upon this . . . 

"By international agreement, the world's timekeepers, in order to keep their official atomic clocks in step with the world's irregular but gradually slowing rotation, have decreed that a Leap Second be inserted between 2008 and 2009"

After reading it half to my mom who was also reading it over my shoulder; at the same time we both said; "How do you get that job!?!"

Besides the fact that that would be a totally awesome job what was so funny was that we said it at the same time.  After that my mom walked off to bed and as I was copying the link to save for this very blog she opened her door and said; "I think that deserves a blog."  Ha, great minds think way too much alike!

Here's the whole article 2009 to Arrive Not a Second Too Soon


Timbra said...

i am so not on the "up and up" when it comes to current events, i didn't even know about the extra second!! i'm such a nerd! you and mom are frightening thinking so much alike!!! love ya

Timbra said...

i stop by every day in case you've posted something. . . like christmas photos?!!! but no pressure! you know i also use you as a thorough-fare, so sorry about that!!! can you teach me how to do the feed instead of the list? wv: gators. . .i think you know what this means!