January 3, 2009

Party like it's 2009

For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words words await another voice. 
-T.S. Eliot 

I was just filing some pictures away on my computer when I realized that it was the last folder of pictures I'd be filing away under the 2008 category; funny really, a little strange and a little sad.  I always feel a little sad when a year has come to a close; it's a mixture of looking back on all the year held and looking forward to what's ahead in the new year.  

I was feeling a little nostalgic on Wednesday; with everything I did, I realized it was the last time I'd be doing that for 2008; the last load of laundry; the last book read; my last dessert creation; you know, all the everyday things that don't seem so big when your actually doing them.  
hey; gotta give you something to look at ;)

2008 was an awesome year; I graduated College with my BA in Child Development; I got to go on many trips to and with my family; and of course spending lots and lots of time with my friends.  I think I made my way to Washington four times, Utah twice; and made my first trip to Mexico!!  I organized many a gatherings for our church college group, including a weekend retreat (with help of course)!  There were of course a lot more amazing things that happened throughout the year but those are just a few highlights off the top of my head.

Of course every year has a few sad moments along the way.  February 29th marked 4 years since my dad passed which was a particularly difficult time because there was actually a day to correspond with that memory (Leap Day).  Several of my really good friends moved away and I finished up my work as nanny for the Polley family.  And of course in July my hard-drive crashed (nothing was backed up) :( Sometimes the difficult parts of the year are the ones that grow us the most; make us stronger people and better people for having walked the path we walked.

I'm excited for 2009; I'm starting a new job in just a few days as nanny for a super cute little 4 month old; I'm branching out in faith to participate as a member of the church body in ways that will once again grow me.  I'm excited because I know 2009 will bring some much needed change and steps of faith (on my part) in my life; and I think I'm finally ready for those challenges!  Oh; and I'm super excited to see what knowledge my Left-Handers page-a-day calendar has to teach me ;)

Now for the part your all actually reading this for; resolutions!!  I've come to realize over the past few years that resolutions mean a little something different to me then maybe they do to others.  Instead of picking something random to accomplish this year that's always been on "the list;" I've come to realize the best way for me to make resolutions is to think of them as improvements on skills I already have.  So say instead of my resolution being to lose weight; it's actually to go to the gym a little more often.  Anyway here's the list

-Read a book a week (I love to read so this isn't really that difficult and I actually stared working on this a few weeks ago and managed to squeeze 4 books in between Thanksgiving and the end of the year.)  I've also decided that within that I'll be reading a variety of books so any suggestions are welcome!
-Be more consistent at going to the gym; at least 3 (ideally 4 or 5) days a week on average; and take some yoga classes
-Save more money; and be a better steward of my money (I only have one more car payment!)
-Drink more water; (cut out soda except for special occasions!)

They are simple things really; and things I already have a decent foundation in; I just want to work in improving these skills!  I'm sure there are more but that's all for now!  

p.s. I'll probably be finishing the first book of 09' tonight!

I hope everyone can look back on 2008 with joy at the special moments you remember and look forward to 2009 with anticipation and renewed faith!


Timbra said...

hi sister. . . i like this post, a good mix of nostalgia and looking ahead. i haven't really made any resolutions. . . . but more yoga, like daily yoga and actually doing daily yoga would be a wonderment!!! i cleaned the living room all up yesterday so the ability to get my mat out is WAAAAY huger now :) love ya. . . . hope to see you SOOOOON!!!

Grannie Annie said...

That is a beautiful picture...looks like some place warm and sunny. And, what are those yummy treats. Thanks for sharing your insights about life, faith, the past, present and future.

Another day in the life of Beau Hart :) said...

Great resolutions! I especially like the instead of loosing weight going to the gym more! God bless you as you try keep them :)

Grannie Annie said...

And by the way, I am totally impressed that you have only one car payment left. That is a monumental feat! And, an additional kudo that you are not looking to get a new vehicle. Your's is awesome!

Timbra said...

Alani saw these cupcakes tonight and said "i want cookies" I told her that her auntie made them and that translated into. . . grannie can make me cookies, when is she coming? she can make me cookies! she's very impressionable lately, saturday she saw pizza on a walmart commercial. . ."i want pizza" tonight she saw a kfc commercial "i want a burger" (we don't even eat burgers, or at least have never gotten her a burger from fast food and there weren't even burgers on the ad), i went to the "young family blog" she saw the dollhouse. . . "i want to play with that toy. . .this is why they advertise to kids. . .STOP ADVERTISING your delicious cupcakes aka cookies :) to my toddler :p